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Rebecca and Marcus Weehawken Hudson River NYC Cruise Wedding

Rebecca and Marcus Hudson River Cruise Wedding

Rebecca and Marcus Hudson River Cruise Wedding

I had to pleasure of first meeting with Rebecca and Marcus in October of 2014 when I photographed their engagement shoot at Valley Forge National Historic Park.

Their story is nothing short of amazing. One of Rebecca’s goals for 2015, was to get everything wedding related planned, booked and taken care of well before the wedding. Why? Because Rebecca concentrated on something bigger in her life. She became a hero to many. Over the summer, Rebecca graciously donated a kidney to her brother.  As Facebook friends, I learned so much about the long process. I honestly couldn’t be prouder of them.

After the dust settled, all of the wedding plans quickly came into place. Rebecca and Marcus flew to Hawaii where they could enjoy their private wedding ceremony on a beautiful beach in Maui. Upon returning home, we (both Joe and Jim) had the pleasure of venturing to Weehawken New Jersey.  Our amazing wedding reception for the night would take place on a Vista Yacht Cruise.  The cruise started in Lincoln Harbor and included all of the iconic sites at night. Cruising as far north as the George Washington bridge, under both the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge and making a brief visit to the Statue of Liberty.

We would not have had it any other way. Joe and I cannot thank Rebecca and Marcus enough for choosing us to be their engagement and wedding photographers.

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