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Laura and Jake French Creek Country Club Pennsylvania Wedding

Laura and Jake Malvern and French Creek PA Wedding

Laura and Jake Malvern and French Creek PA Wedding

When I first met with Laura and Jake, it was December of 2014. It seemed like their wedding would be so far away.

Over the year and a half, so many things changed. My wife and I welcomed our second daughter (whom turned a year old just days after the wedding). Moonloop grew and has flourished as a nationally recognized professional photography business.  I can’t count the number of weddings I’ve photographed in that time either. On top of it all, in-time: Laura and Jake still looked at each other the same exact way they did when I first met them.

Currently living in San Fransisco, their goal was to come home and have a huge family wedding right here in Chester County Pennsylvania. They brought so many flavors from the West and added so many cool little touches to their big day. Watching their wedding come-together has been a real treat for me. They had friends and family converge from all over the globe.

After a beautiful wedding ceremony at the chapel at Malvern Prep, we continued to French Creek Golf Club where we were lucky enough to squeeze-in a few outdoor photographs before the rain set in.  Like so many couples this spring, I was lucky enough to get them outside after dark and take some photographs in the rain. No need to worry about the rain. Turn it into something beautiful and useful! As professional photographers, we enjoy rainy day weddings as we know exactly how to turn it into magic.

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