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Moonloop Photography is Jim Coarse and Joe del Tufo – we bring our passion for photography to every shoot. With over 25 years of combined professional work, ranging from portraiture through weddings through commercial food/product, nature and  real estate / architectural work, we believe that it all comes down to one thing- magical realism. We want people to see the beauty that is right in front of them. We want to see their eyes pop in that expression that says without a word, that they did not expect to be amazed.

Beauty and mystery exist in every portrait. Each wedding is a story to be told; each object and location holds a hidden conversation. We seek the magic inside of everything, and try to make it iconic. We work for wow.

Jim Coarse

Jim Coarse

Photographer / Owner / Captain

Jim has been a creative photographer since receiving a Fisher-Price 110 camera for his 5th birthday. Having graduated from the University of the Arts in Center City Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Jim has been shooting professionally ever since. He’s spent time photographing everything from race horses to creative wedding photography, portraiture and nature/landscape work.

On an annual basis Jim can be found sailing the Chesapeake Bay, hiking the Green Mountains of Vermont, road tripping Utah, cruising the Caribbean and anywhere in between!

Having grown his own Chester County Pennsylvania based Wedding and Engagement Photography business, Jim has worked diligently to build strong client relationships and deliver a top-of-the-line quality product.

Joe del Tufo

Joe del Tufo

Photographer / Owner / Magician

Joe has been a creative photographer for close to 20 years, with a wide skill set that excels at portraiture, architectural photography, concert/event and landscape work. He considers lighting and color to be key strengths in giving his photography that wow factor.

Joe’s creative work is best known for his color infrared technique that maintains sky color and tones in a traditionally black & white discipline. This work has ended up in magazines, album covers and numerous exhibits over the last decade. A number of del Tufo’s works are on permanent display in locations in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE. Joe exhibits, teaches and publishes articles on his work throughout the year. He has been a Nikon pro since 2009.

Joe’s TEDx talk on how photography rekindled his curiousity and vice versa can be seen on YouTube.

Justin Heyes

Justin Heyes

Photographer / Comedian

Heyes has over 5 years of professional experience and is well-known for his wedding photography in the Delaware Valley. Justin’s photography business has been featured on the Knot, WedAwards Collections and published on wedding resource websites such as Offbeat Bride and Philly In Love. He brings his vast experience in the photography industry, and has been a top writer for SLR Lounge (a top photography blog) for several years.

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